Scourge Beast


Scourge Beast

Scourge Beast

Large, persistent and blood mad, these daunting beasts haunt Yharnam's black corners. Their size, however, is occasionally their weakness.


Playthrough HP Bloodechoes
NG+ 2369 3195
Playthrough HP Bloodechoes
NG+ 1658 9384
Weaknesses Kind
Fire Beast


Item Notes
Blood Vial x3 (Common)
Blood Stone Shard
Blood Stone Chunk Rare in Cathedral Ward
Beast Blood Pellet
Blood Gems


  • A wounded Scourge Beast is the first enemy encountered in the game.
  • There are a couple of Blue Eyed variants found in the Orphanage of which are stronger.

Attack Patterns

  • A fast punch with its right arm after a short windup carrying it forward at mid-long range can be punished, is likely to follow up with another attack after a short delay and only in range and in front
  • A fast downward left arm slash in close range
  • A slower right arm sweep causing it to back up a little and leave it open for a short time at close range
  • 4 types bites one slower one at long range making him lunging forwards leaves him wide open but knocks you down if hit, a slower one that he tends to end a chain on at close range and 2 faster ones that are normally part of a chain
  • A crazy mess of 5 punches where he swings his arms everywhere while moving in all sorts of directions, does at close range after chasing down but not very often
  • A grab attack with a long windup where he walks forwards with both claws in the air and bites you a bunch if it lands can be baited at long range but will use at all ranges within agro, easy to spot coming and leaves him very open

General Strategy

This enemy is highly agile, very aggressive and difficult to read especially when up close. A strategy seems to be to keep him at long range and keep walking away, that causes him to throw out his unsafe attacks allowing you to punish or find more space to escape to, if up close he will barrage you with lots of chain attacks, occasionally pauses and drifts backwards and forwards before attacking again to throw off your timing but doesn't often throw more than 3 attacks in a row and will keep this unpredictable pattern until you get out of that range, best way to get out of this range is wait for either the grab, the right arm punch or the bite with the long recovery and dodge… Of course though for some reason these beasts are always placed a stone throw away from a doorway too small for them to fit through, so lure them into the doorway get your long pointy stick and poke away… the enemy can also be stun locked with a fast enough weapon…

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