Yharnam Pthumerian Queen


Yharnam Pthumerian Queen
  • The Pthumerian Queen of Yharnam. The Healing Church used her body as a vessel to give birth to an infant Great One, Mergo.


Base HP Bloodechoes Kind
28221 72.548 Neutral

Info Base Physical Def Blunt Def Thrust Def Blood Res Arcane Res Bolt Res Fire Res Slow Poi Res Rapid Poi Res
Base Stats 752 95 75 75 115 155 95 250 270


Item Notes
Yharnam Stone

Killing her in the Pthumeru Ihyll Chalice dungeon will give you a gold trophy


  • She is encountered for the first time after defeating Rom, the Vacuous Spider at Moonside Lake. She is seen weeping below the paleblood moon.
  • She is encountered once more in the Nightmare of Mensis where she is seen weeping once again. Her lower waist is covered in blood, indicating she had already given birth by way of the Great Ones.
  • Her final optional encounter is in the final layer of the Pthumeru Ihyll Chalice Dungeon, serving as the final boss of the area.

Attack Patterns

  • First phase shifts between two attacks repeatedly - first attack is a projectile attack that shoots 3 times; second attack is a blood-spraying attack that shifts from side to side.
  • The Queen will initiate a devastating AoE attack if you get too close to her for too long.
  • If you attack the Queen at any point while the sound of a baby crying is heard, you will be stunned in place for a couple of seconds. The Queen will usually follow this up with her AoE attack, so be very cautious when getting close.
  • After dealing enough damage, she begins her Second Phase - her cuffs are broken and will begin attacking with her dagger.
  • Dopplegangers will spawn when she teleports away - shooting the fakes with your pistol or just simply attacking them will dissolve them Important: the true one can be identified by her still present "Baby Bump".
  • At low health the Queen will coat her dagger with blood, dealing Rapid Poison.
  • She will occasionally stab herself, creating pillars of spikes to pop from the ground below you. Quickstep repeatedly as she stabs herself to avoid the incoming spikes.

General Strategy

  • Can be interrupted with firearms.
  • Nearly all of her blood attacks deal Rapid Poison, so avoid them as much as possible.
  • Can be parried once she starts using her dagger.




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