Young Girl and Older Sister


Young Girl and Older Sister

Young Girl and Older Sister

  • A lonely little girl who is missing both her parents.


  • Central Yharnam
    • Next to a shortcut gate by the stairs leading up to the Cleric Beast bridge following the Yharnam main street. It can only be accessed via the ladder leading up to the gate from the sewers. There is a huntsman's minion standing next to the ladder.

Events - Young Girl

  • Asks you to find her mother's brooch, and informs you that her mother went missing when her father left for the hunt.

Events - Older Sister

  • Asks you to find her younger sister, the young girl met earlier in the night.
  • A body appears at the bottom of the ladder next to the window after finishing her quest where you can find the White Messenger Ribbon.


  • None

Event Progression (Part 1) - Young Girl

  1. Talk to the young girl in Central Yharnam. Accept her request to find her mother. She will give you the Tiny Music Box.
  2. Defeat Father Gascoigne.
    • You can retrieve the Red Jeweled Brooch on the rooftop of the building tucked in the corner of the Tomb of Oedon. You can reach the rooftop by walking off the platform where the gate stands where a part of the barrier is broken.
  3. Enter Oedon Chapel.
  4. Optional: Gather information on the locations for safe refuge.
  5. Return to Central Yharnam and speak with the young girl.
    • You will have two options: Give the Red Jeweled Brooch, or Do Not Give.
    • If you give her the Red Jeweled Brooch, she will start to cry and will continue to do so if you talk with her. The Red Jeweled Brooch will be removed from your inventory and cannot be retrieved.
    • If you don't give her the Red Jeweled Brooch, she will ask you for advice on what to do. You can then direct her to Oedon Chapel or Iosefka's Clinic, provided you've talked to the NPCs at those locations to enable you to do so, or withhold information.
      • Withholding Information will loop the conversation back to Hand over/Don't give.
  6. Leave the area, use a Bold Hunter's Mark or the Hunter's Mark or quit and load the game. The window lantern will be out and the young girl will be gone.

Event Progression (Part 2) - Older Sister

  1. Once the red moon appears, return to Central Yharnam and revisit the window where you met the young girl.
  2. You will talk with the older sister, who will request that you find the young girl.
  3. Give the older sister the Red Messenger Ribbon1 to complete her request.
  4. Leave the area, use the Hunter's Mark or Bold Hunter's Mark, or quit and then load the game and return to the window.
  5. The older sister will be gone. Descend the ladder next to the window. You can retrieve the White Messenger Ribbon from a corpse at the foot of the ladder.


  • The young girl and older sister are the daughters of Viola and Father Gascoigne.
    • It's possible that the "older sister" isn't in fact the little girl's sister at all, considering she only seems to care about getting the little girl's ribbon. Her sinister reaction after acquiring it, as well as her lack of mourning for her alleged sister, supports this theory.
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